3 definitions by TheDickmeister

The place behind Reimert Hall where people at Ursinus College settle beef. Basically a shitty volleyball court that people wrestle at.
RJ: “Dude what the fuck are you talking about?”
Sean: “Let’s sandpit.”
by TheDickmeister October 23, 2019
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When one of your friends has responsibilities, but the most important responsibility at the time for them is drinking until they can’t walk anymore. (Usually ends with class/work/events being missed the following day.”
R.J.: “Man, I got this essay due at midnight, I’m gonna be cutting it close.”
Colt: “Gotta do it, gotta drink, gotta have a good time let’s go.
Ron: “Gotta drink, chop chop.”
R.J.: “Might have to.”
by TheDickmeister June 12, 2021
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When you’re having a great time with your friends and something’s about to happen that’s gonna be real nice.
R.J.: “Colt how you feeling about these jagerbombs?”
Colt: “Man I’m lickin’ my balls right now I’ll tell you what.”
Ron: “Real nice buddy.”
by TheDickmeister June 12, 2021
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