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There is no real cafeteria so underclassmen run around hoping birds won't shit on them. Many girls don't wear the same outfit once and have new drama every fucking day. The girl's drama always involves a guy. While the hardcore raider fans aka ghetto kids drive nice cars to school but act like they are from compton. The guys think they are hot shit if they get wasted every weekend and most the kids at school drive nicer cars than the teachers. A SRV student's weekend consists of looking for a place to get drunk than ending up at inn n out. Most kids at the school are either stupid or smart.
Girl 1: Ashley totally hooked up with Jason at the party last night!!
Girl 2: What a bitch!!
Raider guy 1: I am going to key that bitch's escalade!!
Raider Guy 2: Yea lets fuck that shit up!
by student January 26, 2005
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