Having a total disregard for anyone but yourself and anyone else's feelings.
He never cared for her. He only used her to satisfy his selfish needs.
by GoldenV December 6, 2013
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When he doesn't share shrimps with you
Barù you're selfish
by IlParagnosta April 8, 2022
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Being selfish is like being a bad team mate asshole
by Yekfkekfkd January 23, 2013
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The act of putting yourself before the team. Doing something for yourself, rather then your team.
Erin, being selfish, wore her steel cleats into a public place.

The coach was selfish and took the two best players out of the game to punish the rest of the team.
by shawtyisakilla April 3, 2010
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lacking consideration for others , Usually wants his cake and eat it too!!
Shamrock walks around this world like his shit don't stink. He's selfish and is never mindful of others people feelings.
by Juno Fierce March 13, 2019
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Someone who receives oral and rarely returns the favor.
by Nasty Nybes December 13, 2019
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