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best person in the world... someone who you know you can trust and is wicked sweet and sensitive... is really deep and a little shy but not afraid to be himself and express his opinion... someone you just gotta love
"yea the really cute boy... yea the one thats wicked sweet."
"oh.. his names saleh."
by meAgan... <3 July 21, 2009
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A sexy, handsome guy you will ever meet. Don't ever let him go because he is the best, the very best person who will ever meet. He is always there for you, through the good times and bad times. He will love you no matter what. He cares too much, sometimes sensitive. He will definitely love you more than he love himself. He is the greatest guy to be friend with, maybe even more :)
by im.a.bae June 15, 2018
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The biggest asshole in the world. Can never seem to work out a good friendship. Always pissed of people and gives his shit to his friends to deal with. The biggest faggot in the world
Have you seen that Saleh kid, I heard that he’s a bitch.
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