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When you stick your finger in a vagina and then give some one a wet willy with it.
Lee Put his hand up Jane's skirt to give Jim a salamander.
by The Wizzard! August 17, 2010
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A long, thin propane or kerosene-fired heater used by contractors to cure plaster, spackling, or paint in the wintertime. The device is often left turned on overnight producing the illusion that there are flames in the building because of its glow. This results in a number of mistaken 9-1-1 calls for the fire department. Also known as a "torpedo heater" because it somewhat resembles a torpedo.
The caller said she saw flames in the building, but the fire department only found a salamander the contractors left on overnight.
by Hot East September 13, 2011
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To get so high that you feel like a salamander. When you close your eyes, all you can see is a clear image of a salamander. When you open your eyes, you realize that you are a salamander.
Dude I'm so salamander right now.
by asap ramsay November 06, 2013
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An acient wannaba dinosaur
Whats wrong salamander?
I cant find my Jurassic Park pillow anymore
by Guess :) April 08, 2003
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1. elemental spirit of fire.
2. brightly coloured tetrapod reptile.
Hey look, a salamander, wow!
by Jay December 02, 2004
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the greasy turd that shoots out after a large meal with green chili, sloppy joes or beer
Wow.. all that beer and burritos last night made me dump a salamander in stall 1!!
by mimesscareme November 20, 2008
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A versitile woman, NOT to be confused with a reptile. Salamanders are amphibious, so by nature they adapt to their environments. They also are not to be toyed with. You think they are fragile and helpless,WRONG!! Try to eat a Salamander for breakfast and see what happens!!!! YOU DIE, DUH Poisonous hahahaha!! Salamander just crawls right on out your mouth and moseys on down the road. There are 550 different species of Salamanders, so no worries,you'll find a Salamander right for you out there somewhere......... Hopefully you won't be the guy stuck with a Newt, ewwwww worts, jus sayin, she's the ugly step sister so to speak!!!!
Wow, Salamander, you are looking nice and hot today, wanna do for a swim?
by SalamanderBrooks1483 May 22, 2013
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