a prank in which the prankster licks/spits on his finger, sticks it in the victims ear hole and then turns it round and round.
"i gave that asshole a wet will"
"that asshole gave me a wet willy"
by the_jinx April 1, 2003
Its when u lick ur finger then put it in some ones ear and twist ur wet finger around.
by cartman5000 August 12, 2004
A wet willy is to lick/spit on your finger creep up to an unsuspecting person and put your finger in their ear while turning it around
"I gave John a wet willy"
"That bastard Jake gave me a wet willy
by Tommygee34 November 19, 2005
A wet willy is a prank that involves wiping a stick of butter all over your dick and then sticking your dick into an unsuspecting victims ear when they are not looking. This prank was used commonly during the Great Depression Era to lift the spirits of out of work Americans and was recently revived when demonstrated in the 1980's sitcom "The Facts of Life", when Phil Drummond (of Different Strokes) came to visit the girls at their school.
"Natalie was so flattered by the attention she was recieving, she not only

forgave Phil for the WET WILLY, she also forgot she was so fat for a few

by DNFles September 29, 2009
When you flirt so hard with a girl that you make her pussy wet
Ronny gave Tania a wet willy at the party. While he was spitting his game on her.
by sexygangster6 June 23, 2011
verb. the act of sticking your dick (willy) inside of the nozzle of a hose while water is running.
yo I was so horny last week I wet willy-ed a few times
by sticky dick davis October 6, 2015
everyone has it wrong. a wet willy is when you get a blowjob and ur willy is all wet and you stick it in the girls ear
a wet willy does not involve a finger
by COTT PETERSON February 27, 2005