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Someone who meticulously slices open your still beating cardiovascular organ ,while it still rests in your chest and they very carefully dismember, painstakingly lay each bloody and lacerated chunk of flesh on a cold ,fluorescent light reflective metal tray that clinks as the metal tools are jostled from the movement of the cart wheeling of the operating room.

They go home, your pulverized, shredded heart chunks sloshing in the leftover plastic target bag they acquired on their weekly paper towel run, and before going to sleep they will lay out a fluffy blanket in front of their warm fireplace, and joyfully lift one bloody chunk of flesh at a time, flicking the dripping fluids off of it and then tossing it into the flame. Listening to the sizzle of your flesh of the fire that luls them to a blissful nights rest.

Or guys who’s names start with J.

Whichever man.....
Person one\ “wow she’s going to be a heartbreaker isn’t she(chuckles) pointing at the mothers charming and cute daughter “

The mother having read my definition / *look of shocked and cold terror crosses her eyes* why would you say that * a single year drips from her cheek*
by Plant lady December 18, 2020
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