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Safi is a quiet shy girl with a noodle head. She's clumsy and rickety and can barely walk without hurting herself. She looks like a chimichanga and walks a bit funny. But you would be a fool to not look past that. Because although she can be awkward and mysterious, once you get to know her she carries the warmest soul and the most blissful smile. Shes a sensitive girl so treat her right because you wouldn't want to lose such a precious person. Don't let her gorgeous looks deceive you, because underneath all her beautiful features is truly such a pure, precious, lovable girl.
Bob:DAMN. That bitch safi is a sexyyy. I bet she freaky too.
Carl: yeah I kinda wanna give her a hug
by aboywithaface December 30, 2018
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Safi is a caring & amazing human being . One of the most realest dudes out there. He’ll do anything to make u happy even if it hurts himself. He has such a pure soul and easily will make u the happiest in the whole entire galaxy. He can be a bully sometimes ;( but that’s okie he’ll always make it up to you by being his awesome lit self . He’s v fun and you’ll never have a bad time when your with him . He’s so supportive and considerate ☺️. He’s one of the adorable people everrr 🤩. He makes all the gurls fall for him w his beauty & best personality everrr ❤️. Who knows he might even steal your mans,ladies😂 He’s too funny and will probably have u always reading back the convos between u guys because u just can’t ever stop thinking about him . If u find a safi, hold him forever & never let go. He may be the best thing that’s ever happened to you😊 He can make u the saddest if he’s not around but also the absolute happiest when he’s near:)) he’s too lovable ahh🥰🥰 plus, he might even secretly be a great singer 🤪
Sadia : omg have u met safi yet he’s the kewlest & cutest guy ever

Chaniya: oh my gawd ur right safi’s so hawt & I wanna be his friend & maybe even do some cyphs moves😉
by Sadia✨ January 26, 2019
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Safi is an Arabic word meaning "pure", "selfless", good friend.
Honey that is pure like Safi , is light and soothing .
by kmd467 January 03, 2016
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A person who has an abnormally large penis and occasionaly is called by the name "FRED".
"Hay look, it is FRED(SAFI), lets go say hi, he's cooler than us!"
by Robbie's on his period again! November 17, 2008
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A bubbly girl who will never disappoint you. She is the type of person who can make your day by just seeing her. Her voice makes you happy. She is a beautiful, intelligent girl who doesn't seem to know it but if you tell her a lot then maybe she will understand. Always in a good mood, it will make you cry to see her cry. The light she brings into a room is unbearable and may blind you but it is apart of being her friend. She sticks up for herself and will never let you down.
Dang that girl Safi is so nice you should be her friend dude.
by Keybee February 02, 2014
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