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A beautiful girl that can be a bit nerve wrecking but makes a great friend due to their traits of being loyal, trustworthy, pretty, and good sense of humor, and at times they can be a bit emotional but that strengths their sense of sympathy they are not easily understood but yet predictable at the same time and they understand others well
Girl: I heard your looking for a girlfriend

Boy: Yet but not just anyone I want someone like a Chaniya a good person to lean on

Girl: Well todays your lucky day you just got you a Chaniya

Boy&Girl: walks away laughing and living happily ever after
by Roach Dogg June 28, 2016
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Chaniya is very pretty , good at sports and funny . chaniya can be a bitch at times but chaniya will be there for you and love you.chaiya's are


β€’ trustworthy
Chaniya will always be there for you and is very pretty.
You can always trust chaniya no matter what
by blasian barbie March 10, 2015
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