Sadia is the best friend everyone wishes to have. She's so special and is always there when you need her. She's so pretty, sweet, funny, humble and loves her friends like family!
Adil: I'm so glad we met! Sadia is the best thing that ever happened to me!
Sadia: Aww! You are special.
by Adil🇧🇩 July 12, 2021
Coolest, most kickass awesome friend. Girl LOVES to have random dance/spazz/dougie sessions at random times of the day. In one word, fierce!
Dude: OOweee! that gurl's on fiyaah!
Other dude: Yea no sh*t that's Sadia!
Dude: NO WAY
Yet another dude: It is her, real rap yo!
by nonayobusinezz November 22, 2011
One of the most down to earth soul, you’ll ever meet. Despite her own problems in life, she will always value the people in her life and will pour all her love into the people she value. She is driven by her crazy and big dreams. Sadia is someone you can always turn to in times of sadness. And be careful, she requires the same care and love she gives you.
Sadia is the girl you would write poetry’s about.
by KOOLSAMM November 21, 2021
Sadia is a loving introvert. The people she allows into her life are forever blessed with her attention and care. Sadia has a special little heart that is fragile but, so please remember to be careful with her. Her walk, her talk, her style, sense of smell, taste in music, taste in movies, taste in scents, taste in movies, taste in art are amazing. Sadia always has good intentions and will always favour truth over anything in this world. Her favourite things are watching movies and trying new foods. She can’t wait to raise a beautiful family and travel the world! She will be a great mother one day because she truly cares about her loved ones and makes them feel like the most special people on the planet. The world does not deserve Sadia, she is a true gem shining bright like a diamond (she also really loves diamonds). I wish there was a way to describe Sadia accurately but sadly words cannot describe her magnificence and wonder. Her cuteness will leave you speechless and have you gasping for air. What a beauty, what a friend, what a wife, Sadia.
I wish I could be as wonderful as a Sadia.
by Mr. Moist Skin November 22, 2021
She is a emo. Bookworm and loves spice and sweets and sour sometimes picky with foods. She's hurt really easily. She isn't perfect on her looks but has enough to look good and she has those rare almost black eyes. She's creative and overall a very good friend!
Here's our Sadia the creative bookworm!
by #UnknownGirl April 18, 2018
Usually someone who displays excessive weird behaviour

Be careful around sadia her weirdness could spread and cause you to become weird

The energy in a room can completely be weirdified
Relax your being a sadia right now
by Rickbobbyjames March 26, 2022