A special area located with a College/University where groups of easily offended melts meet up to have their asses talcum powdered by staff hired to babysit them.
'That professor told me third wave Feminism is a joke, that shitlord triggered me so hard I'm going to the safe space'
by Rekt92 February 12, 2016
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While a "safe space" may give the illusion of some sort of happy utopia where everybody's opinions and beliefs are accepted, I can assure you that it is ANYTHING but that. In reality, safe spaces can turn out to be some of the most unpleasant and toxic places to be in, especially if it's on the internet.

The problem with safe spaces is not the idea of it, but rather that it attracts egocentric insecure individuals who take advantage of the "safe space" by infecting it with their highly argumentative and opinionated nature. These individuals tend to engage in highly sober discussions, and will come off as entitled sanctimonious asses who aren't afraid to shut you down if they hear something they don't like or agree with, or think it's wrong. But of course, being a "safe space" and all, no one is allowed to fight with them, thus creating a self-perpetuating echo chamber for them. It is certainly an unpleasant experience if you came to the safe space for positive vibes.

This is often the case for small-sized Twitch streams that use the !safespace tag. Occasionally, you'll meet one or two people down in the chat (mostly grown men) that engage in overly sober discussions and like to express their thoughts in the most assertive way possible. Whatever you do, don't fall for these safe spaces. You are more likely to feel happy, safe and accepted in any of the well-known gaming streams without any safe space tag.

Like communism, great idea, bad execution.
Example of a small Twitch stream with the safe space tag:

User 1: Anybody else think she looks different today?

user 2: @User 1 yes, she definitely did something to her hair.
user 3: Hey User 1, long time no see! :)
Me: Wow this stream is so chill!! Btw just ate McDonald's and feel full af lol
User 2: @Me, why are you supporting a multi-billion dollar corporation that is destroying our environment and promoting animal cruelty?
Me: Lol sorry
User 2: I am being serious though, please don't take me the wrong way but what you are doing is incredibly selfish.
Me: .....
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Contrary to popular misbelief, safe spaces are not about sheltering or impeding free speech, but instead are meant to be places that are respectful and free of hate.
Tom thinks safe spaces are stupid because his transphobic.
by WiseWithWords August 27, 2019
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A bubble of content usually seen in colleges or universities where dissenting opinions aren't allowed and where grown people are treated like toddlers by staff hired to babysit them. Usually associated with SJWs.

Synonymous with the terms echo chamber and circle-jerk.
SJW: That cis white male scum said somethins I disagree with, that shitlord triggered me so hard I'm going to the Safe Space to play with some play-doh.
by BananaChicken22 October 28, 2020
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What the homeless guy said to me before he bent me right over. and Noah flipped out his phone.
by sachadergrosse January 18, 2019
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A special room on campus where university educated young adults go and behave like children whenever they suffer a severe case of trump-a- meltression
If you are a true nationalist and patriot and don't like Trump, get over it; he won. Do not go to a safe space, run for office in 2020 with your own new and improved political ideas.
by Sexydimma February 19, 2017
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a place where no fun is allowed and people that get offended by the wind usually hang out
Jared is always on his safe space because he thinks the sun is oppressing him because it shows he is ugly
by BeefyCC September 1, 2018
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