Main villain of Resident Evil 4. Has a very large penis...errr spiked tentacle.
Saddler, you're small time.
by MagicMystile January 13, 2008
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Where a man is on all fours while a woman lies on top of him, jacking him off as he walks around.
Jill went the saddler on Mark in the police station last night. It was magical.
by Urbanjesus March 23, 2007
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someone from walsall, the borough is known as the "saddlers county",the town is famous for making english horse saddles, charles dickens once decribed the town as
"the town of a hundred trades".
bill: i'm proud to be a saddler
jimmy: a yop gooin t'watch wer'sall play tonight
bill: arr, up the saddlers!!!!!
by paul hinton December 09, 2005
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A stunning example of the female species, an attractive lady, a girl who will turn heads. Derived from the verb "saddle".
Was there many saddlers in the pub last night?
by Ian July 18, 2003
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1. Riding a horse nude and bareback with a passenger. You shit, and with it smearing out from between your ass and the horses back, the passenger uses it for body paint and lube.

2. A Kentucky Saddler is a breed of horse in RDR2, in modern day it is simpley the American Saddlebred.
1. Took the Ol' Lady and Gus out for a ride and a Kentucky Saddler. It was great but the ride home chaffed my ass up fierce.

2. Thats a good lookin' horse, Kentucky Saddler? Nice.
by sunnywampus October 21, 2020
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An effeminate (often homosexual) man.

From the habit of certain women riding a horse not by straddling it, but by riding side-on with legs to one side, in order not to break the bottle neck. Hence, to ride side-saddle, i.e. to be effeminate.
Man: Craig hasn't ever had a girlfriend. I reckon he must be a side-saddler.
Another man: Haven't you heard? He's been riding side-saddle since he was seventeen.
by Tama Boyle January 30, 2007
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When a girl rubs peanut butter in a guy's butt crack while he pulls his penis through his legs and blows a load into the peanut butter. The girl then mounts him on his back and pees on his butt while somebody else eats the soup that is produced by the fluid mix.
Last night me and April did the Sandy Saddler with Erin.
by TheSetharoni November 10, 2017
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