A feeling of failure (or depression) after tragic events.
Kyle: my mom died

Brandon: oof, Sad Life
by Guess.Whos.Bored September 5, 2019
what happens when you browse the internet to often and become sexually confused and socially inactive, normally due to fandoms and other internet phenomena.
"Damn.. have you seen Damien recently? I haven't heard from him in weeks irl and all he ever messages me on facebook is stuff about anime. He must live the sad life."
by Garyniger January 29, 2014
A fucking awesome kid who gets cleaned weekly
Sad Life Kid is your dad.
by durps April 25, 2011
When you have become so unbelievably depressed that you no longer need sad nigga hours because every hour of your day (or life) has become sad you have now reached sad nigga life (pinky promise)
Dude you good you never talk anymore. Don’t worry bro I pinky promise I’m all good it’s just that sad nigga life I’ll make it
by iamJES February 13, 2018
When someone makes you quit having sex because your too obsessed with powerballing
You: Dude, how sad my life

Him: Ha sucks for you, you must like powerballing
by Boochu February 14, 2016
When events work out in such a way that once again you are put in the spotlight for the type of actions you would prefer to be kept as private as possible.

See also #MarkleSyndrom.
I posted a photo of my cat on facegram with a caption that had a grammatical error. Looks like Tuesday is another Tiger’s life sad day.
by themudking February 24, 2021