3 definitions by themudking

the act of complaining to a person not directly involved in a situation with the hopes they will advocate on your behalf.

See also: Assinine
After being told to clean his room by his mom, Curtis's whineage to his father was asinine.
by themudking November 09, 2007
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the act of being so angry at someone that you find the item they cherish most and beat them with it.
Chris was so tiger's wife mad at Joe that he grabbed Joe's Wii remote and beat him with it.
by themudking November 30, 2009
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When events work out in such a way that once again you are put in the spotlight for the type of actions you would prefer to be kept as private as possible.

See also #MarkleSyndrom.
I posted a photo of my cat on facegram with a caption that had a grammatical error. Looks like Tuesday is another Tiger’s life sad day.
by themudking February 24, 2021
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