When a nigga takes one for tha homies
Nigga1: Man my boi Tyrone got clapped by 12 the other day so I could keep my cheeks

Nigga2: Word Lequarious, Tyrone really sacrifed himself fo yu, ya herd
by Andymancan12 March 25, 2020
The sacrification of cow bunny went very well yesterday.
by z.m.g.j.b August 17, 2009
Act of cutting a girl off. Definitely a girl that makes you think she is innocent (lamb) but is constantly going behind your back and thinking you don't know what is going on.
Damn man, I had to sacrifice the lamb this weekend because I found out about a whole bunch of shit she did. You should try sacrificing the lamb and trying to find another girl. She is doing you dirty.
by Dustin aka Trick December 17, 2006
Having to be the one to always lean over the center conceal of the inside of a car to show affection to a female.
Yo, mike that girl had me back sacrificing last night in her Caddy, now I got a torn lumbar!
by The Notebook October 11, 2005
That lone ice cube that inevitably falls to the floor when grabbing a hand full of ice from the freezer to fill your glass.
Oops, i better pick up that piece of Sacrif Ice before someone slips on it.
by rrsltx August 7, 2011
To kill an already dead person by wrapping them in toilet paper
My friend was part of a mummy sacrification because he deserved it.
by Roaxxane November 10, 2019
This is a phrase used to trick a gullible person who feels the need to define every new word they happen to hear or read into searching for this and thus, being "sacrificed" to the saints.

The "saints" this refers to are two saints: St. Fiacre, who is the patron saint of venereal disease (most things people have the insatiable desire to define are sexual) and St. Isidore of Seville, who is widely considered the patron saint of the internet.
"That guy always has to go to UrbanDictionary.com to find the definition to everything so I told him I did a 'sacrificing to the saints' with my girlfriend. That'll teach him to believe everything he hears."
by JEII June 2, 2006