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The corridor that connects the airport terminal to the plane you are about to board. More prayers are said here than in church.
My flight is boarding, I better ask God for a safe flight as I am waiting to enter the plane in the prayer hall.
by rrsltx August 16, 2012
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That lone ice cube that inevitably falls to the floor when grabbing a hand full of ice from the freezer to fill your glass.
Oops, i better pick up that piece of Sacrif Ice before someone slips on it.
by rrsltx August 6, 2011
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A very large, hot, humid, sprawling, congested, multi-cultural, sophisticated, yet laid back city that doesn't take itself too seriously such as lesser cities like Dallas.
A place that newcomers claim to despise, but for some reason, stay put and keep coming in hordes.

A world class city for arts, entertaiment, sports, dining and more.

No place in America can you find so much for so little cost.
Houston is hot, humid, and the only place in America I want to be.
by rrsltx February 27, 2008
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