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Italian anarchist who was put executed by American government with practically no case.
Sacco: Man, what a great day to be an anarchist.
Vanzetti: Yep. I love having a political platform in which any form of violence would be a terrible contradiction.
Sacco: I'm so glad that we are well-informed individuals who realize that if we were to commit a crime of violence, that we would be acting against the idea that the cessation of all government would be beneficial to the security of liberties and our well-being as a society.
Judge: They blew it up, ya'll! I swur! Hang 'em.
by Ronnie February 22, 2004
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an italian person who is not in touch with their heritage and prefers to be a sexually overdriven other words a negative italian stereotype.
Wow, look at that Laura Sacco. She obviously doesn't eat pasta.
by sljos July 16, 2011
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Slang term used to describe a male (often teenager), who is in denial of his love for women's clothing and jewellery. Openly will they deny their passion, but secretly will they love to dress up in girls clothes. Wearing lingerie or necklaces, or modifying their male clothes to look girlish are tell-tales signs of a Sacco.
Person A: "Man, that guy is gay, right?"
Person B: "No, he told me he isn't."
Person A: "Oh. Well he's quite the Sacco!"
by Horvat August 16, 2005
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