A woman too old or too ugly to be a cougar but tries anyway.
I went to Target and had a flip flop wearing Sabretooth tracking me through the paper goods.
by preyedupon August 16, 2008
A woman of elderly age, possibly a grandma who is too old to be a cougar but still on the hunt and able to take down younger unsuspecting male prey.
Dude, since your grandpa died last year, your grandma has become quite the sabretooth....do you think I'd have a chance?
by Wolfeman 160 December 5, 2009
When a man goes up behind another person who is crouching down, and puts his hands up in the air wrists bent down at 90 degree angles, hands in the shape of claws. Often done to unsuspecting people. Based of an awkward photo which depicts the Marvel character Sabretooth coming up behind a kneeling Wolverine in this fashion, with the caption Release your inner animal. Mocked for its homosexual undertones, which the creator openly denies.
Dave-"Dude did you just see what Chris did to Kyle."

Matt-" Yeah man he totally just sabretoothed him."
by strings322 February 6, 2011
1-Sabertooth: A female who specializes and prefers giving oral sex to men. Saber: slang for the male penis. Tooth: Oral.
2-Sabertooth: the act of giving a BJ. Sabertoothing.
"Yo man my woman be sabertoothing my schlong all the time"

"Yeah i know Beth, she be one fine sabertooth."
by James March 5, 2004
Geez, that guy is a bit of a sabretooth, overtake him Jeeves.
by Anonymous May 30, 2003
The lord and savior of all people in the world. He tried to kill ice age baby but fatass manny wouldn’t let him
by Fuckiceagebaby February 21, 2020
Go over to someone's house who owns a cat. Take a hefty dump in the cat box and leave it for the cat and the owner to find. Fun.
Wendy pissed me off the other night at her party, so I performed a sneaky sabretooth.
by EOD Gunny November 9, 2007