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So Who Ask You Dat; mostly used at St.Andrews International School in Nassau, Bahamas. Mostly used when someone states something random in a conversation or they are totally off topic.
Person A: Softball practice was so boring.

Person B: I went fishing last weekend.

Person A: SWAYD!!
by Cody~ September 23, 2010
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When someone is considered "dope as fuck"
(originated in NC)
Guy: Hey man thanks for giving me a ride last're so swayd
by Jordan Lacky February 28, 2019
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Meaning "So Who Asked You Dat". Used in St. Andrews School in Nassau, Bahamas. Usually used when a random statement is said.
He said that his parents were in Florida. So I said SWAYD.
by NassauBoi June 16, 2018
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