A depressed city in the Southern Tier of NY surrounded by rolling hills about half as high as the Catskill mountains. Technically within the boundary of Appalachia as drawn by the federal government, and it shows, both geographically, culturally and economically. Has a weird 50s Americana vibe with antique wooden carousels in the parks and cubical houses with pyramidal roofs that look like the ones in cartoons and children's books.

Home to a well-respected university full of city people and Long Islanders who freak out because they can see stars and can't hop on a subway. Most people who tell you about Binghamton have only been there for a few years as a student and barely left the campus, so they think it's a truck stop. You can vex these people by quizzing them on where the nearest beach or waterfall can be found.
You can recognize Binghamton natives by asking them to pronounce "crayon." They say "CRANNNN."
by Stabby Smurf September 4, 2015
1) The place that will make you glad to be anywhere but there for the rest of your natural life.

2) A city in Upstate New York whose only reason for existence is the State University situated there. This sad fact is not widely recognized by residents and causes a great deal of animosity toward the students whose money keeps the shit-hole from becoming a ghost town.

3) The Forsaken Lands.
I may have a debilitating brain disease, but at least I don't live in Binghamton.
by Humphrey December 30, 2005
cold hell with shitty schools and sky cocaine
guy: “dude where you from
other guy: “oh i’m from binghamton
guy: “damn, how nasty”
other guy: “binghamton nasty”
by supkiddies44 January 17, 2019
It's the seventh most cloudiest city in the US and the tenth rainiest city in the US.
Binghamton is cloudy about 212 days of the year and rains about 162 days of the year.
by lonelyblackwolf February 13, 2009
A bleak, bleak place. And i'm not a SUNY BInghamton student. I grew up right outside of Binghamton, and I must say that all the people who complain about the weather (and the lack of culture, and the declining economy and general feeling of soul-crushing despair) are quite right. This place is worse than Utica, man. Driving around and looking at people I see walking death. People walking their dogs look as if they're only moving as a result of being pulled by the animals-they don't seem to have the will to do anything. So they drink, and rot.

Like much of upstate new york, the city of Binghamton has been in a steady state of decline for the better part of three decades. But it was never all that great to begin with.

I think the city of Binghamton should adopt "Binghamton-because living isn't everything" as a catchphrase on whatever half-assed advertisments for the area they manufacture.
by walt b. August 4, 2006
If you don't enjoy whining, then I suggest you do not attend this school. In fact, you should kill yourself right now because whining will occur anywhere and everywhere you go. People will always find ways to whine about anything. If you like beautiful mountain valleys, smoking marijuana, sitting quietly with your hands folded, sleeping, and eating (actually just eating), then Binghamton is the place for you. There are cool people here and if you are a cool person, chances are you will attract another cool person, and that person will already be attached to another cool person, so eventually you can form a gang of cool people. If you are not a cool person, join a fraternity. If you get bored, go to LateNite and play Dance Dance Revolution. Masturbate in the library, both libraries, preferably with your TA on the other side of the cubicle. Indeed, many of the professors went to Ivy League schools themselves but they will never be pretentious dicks about it. So no matter how smart, how cool, or how hungry you are, you will always have an opportunity to show it at Binghamton University but most likely you will be ignored.
I visited my friends up in Binghamton. It was quite delirious.
by salmonsunglasses October 31, 2011