STORMY is a creature all her own. She can't be explained although many have tried. Words don't find there way onto our tongues and out of or mouths for there are no words that can describe such a wonder. she is raw to the core, deep, heartfelt, both complex and simple, she is amazing in every aspect you can physically think of, there isn't another like her. the sun shines brighter in my world when she awakens yet the devil says, oh no she's up when her feet hit the ground. Step back for you can not compare. She is a rare breed and only someone with capabilities and characteristics such as her own, will be able to hold on to her. She can't be tamed and shouldn't be; something so wild and free shouldn't be fenced in or hidden behind a wall but should only live to be shared with the world so that they too may know such a thing of wonder. She wants love, just a different kind. She wants a love that withholes in it, one that is perfect inevery imperfect way and it is the only kind that will understand her and last for eternity .......
On A Stormy Day, I Can Think Of Another "Stormy" I Would Rather Lay Beside In The Rain And Fall Asleep With ......
by Babygirrl January 10, 2009
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Stormi is a free hearted spirit, who cares about all. Someone that's willing sets something aside in order to help a friend or a loved one in need. Stormi trusts only a few and has the biggest heart, shes is loved by many, has many friends who'd do anything for her.Stormi puts her family first. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out.
"If children could pick their moms, Stormi would be the one everyone would want.
by sexymamadanielle January 7, 2012
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a ingenious poet/singer/song writer who loves everyone. independent but cautious, she tries her best to be open, and doesnt have any enemies. no one would DARE try hurting her. she is one TOUGH BITCH.she has beautiful multicolored eyes. tries her best to hide all her pain, and loves attention, but is scared of leaving corners and getting hurt.
Stormies are shy and Gorgeous but never believe it.
they are always looking down on themselves but its never for attention. they dont lie for laughs and will never dissapoint. If you EVER find a Stormie, then consider yourself lucky, because you have found yourself a GREAT friend.
boy 1: dude that chick is one hellufa beauty
boy 2: WTF man! RESPECT shes a stormie!
boy 1: sorry, but MAN she fine
boy 2: DIBS
by babygirlmimi December 5, 2010
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To speak to people in a computer game with your mic off.
My mic wasn't on. I just pulled a 'stormy.'
by Scamper Nitely December 13, 2021
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Beautiful or loveable, understands life and sees people as they are
" man I wish I was a stormi"
by Shawtygotya April 12, 2010
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A girl of immense knowledge and beauty, both inside and out. She is simple at times and yet has complex feelings. She is very random and loves to be bouncy. While she can be cold, cruel, she is truely softhearted in nature.
"Damn that girl is so Stormy."
"God she's so mean, but I bet she's a real Stormy."
by roxxeedee April 1, 2010
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She is someone who is all around amazing so sweet, kind, honest, and loveable...nothing is better then a stormie she may make mistakes and not be right all the time, or be incredibly stubborn but noone is perfect..but in my eyes and mine only she is perfect and i love her so much
by Stormies hubby June 1, 2018
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