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a ingenious poet/singer/song writer who loves everyone. independent but cautious, she tries her best to be open, and doesnt have any enemies. no one would DARE try hurting her. she is one TOUGH BITCH.she has beautiful multicolored eyes. tries her best to hide all her pain, and loves attention, but is scared of leaving corners and getting hurt.
Stormies are shy and Gorgeous but never believe it.
they are always looking down on themselves but its never for attention. they dont lie for laughs and will never dissapoint. If you EVER find a Stormie, then consider yourself lucky, because you have found yourself a GREAT friend.
boy 1: dude that chick is one hellufa beauty
boy 2: WTF man! RESPECT shes a stormie!
boy 1: sorry, but MAN she fine
boy 2: DIBS
by babygirlmimi December 05, 2010
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A classy Southern belle that's gives to others freely, free spirited, tenacious, caring, and intelligent. She is beautiful yet doesn't flaunt it, the girl your mom loves, and you can't wait to get alone with. Classy at all times but get her into her room and she smokes your pole like a champ.
Stormie is Awesome
by Marty_the stocking lover October 07, 2015
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a very smart person that has the potential to be successful in almost everything. Whenever things are really hard they know always how to handle the moments all the time. And not to forget the most important thing she is always smiling.
someday you are going to become a stormie!!
by cdaddy22 December 31, 2014
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She is someone who is all around amazing so sweet, kind, honest, and loveable...nothing is better then a stormie she may make mistakes and not be right all the time, or be incredibly stubborn but noone is perfect..but in my eyes and mine only she is perfect and i love her so much
by Stormies hubby June 11, 2018
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beautiful and pretty girl who is also a s8r and a girl whos into rock,heavy metal,screamo, and alternitive rock . she is also a girl who has lots of freinds and love life . she feels the type of music expresses her feeling and she loves to sing and dance . everything about her is creative and loving . she is NOT emo .
she is not a stormie . but that girl is .
by ilovelife97 July 13, 2009
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She is a very nice person, hot af. She's caring, nice and better than everyone. She never starts shit but shit is always started. She's better than anyone but doesn't think so. She's pretty and doesn't think so. She's cool. People get jealous and talk shit but she is still read to get down and dirty fighting. If u ever meet a stormie be thankful because u are very lucky
Dude 1: Damn that girl is fine af
Dude 2: be quiet she's a stormie of course she's hot, respect her
Dude 1: dibbs
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by Not so urban October 21, 2018
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