"Did you hear that Bryce has an std?" "Yes I did! Apparently he got it from that one plastic surgeon
by Mi Dixie Nourmous June 16, 2021
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Std is like pokemon, you can collect them and then trade them for other std's
Hey can I have your std's for my std's?
by TheBuilder is funny November 18, 2020
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Save the Dates (STD), suitable when sending someone an invitation of your birthday party or wedding.
Say it all around and people will give you that stare.
Boyle: Hey,these are the STDs.
Jake:What you talking about, buddy?
Boyle: STDs. Save the dates. The dates for my wedding
by RandomSenpai99 June 13, 2018
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STD, stands for super-tiny-dick
Ha, that dude has a STD. Lol Xdd rawr
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A made up Standard of living to keep people from proclamation emancipation sermons and justifiable sanction
They control the world with use Of Standardized S.T.D Labels
by MuckGregor July 23, 2018
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Used as an abreviation for the following:
-Send the dick
-Still too drunk
-Super throw down
The person who you are talking to will have to figure out which one you are trying to say based on the context of the sentence.
Why Won't Hairy just STD to Maddy already? We needs the benefits!
Idk, I think he is waiting for approval.


No, the last time I drank was last weekend.

Wanna have a STD in the basement friday night?

Sure, as long as Hairy can come.
by STDlove February 25, 2019
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