Hey I sent you an STD for 7/21. Keep that open for me, I'm getting married.
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by HLAUSF January 11, 2018
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Standard Deviation

A tool used to describe deviance in a set of data. In statistical research, this is sometimes replaced with varians (V), which is found by multiplying STD with itself (STD^2)

The equation for Standard Deviation is as follows:


With N being the amount of data u have
Mean being the average of all your data (x1+x2+...+xn)/n
∑ being the sum of all ur equations of (x-mean)^2

The higher the STD, the greater the difference between ur data
If STD=0, then all your data is exactly the same. *Example: 3 3 3 3
In contrast to the other STD's mentioned on this site, your STD must always test aladeen, and if it doesnt, you've made a error
John: "I heard your GF had some nasty STD, how is that gonna affect ur relationship?"
Charles: "Yeah well she calculated the Standard Deviation of our dataset to be -3.14, turns out she forgot to square her numbers, but i took a long serious talk with her, and we're now on the right track once again"
John: "Ah i'm happy to hear that"
*Both opens up the WoW client and starts playing
by ProlCarlson May 11, 2018
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Amy: how many people did you give S.T.D ‘s to?
Charles: oh tons of people
by Applesauces December 22, 2020
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