X: "I heard iPhone 5 is trash.."
Y: "STS.."
by xRussian September 21, 2012
"Wohw iam sow koolw."
"Dude, you have STS!"
by mwaldenp May 28, 2009
Small Town Syndrome

Living in a small town where one can keep no secrets. Yours and everyones life is the daily topic of gossip.
Person One: OMG!! So did you hear? Amanda tried to have those nasty teeth of hers corrected but the dentist said she was beyond help!

Person Two: Damn! Those teeth are moobi!! SO gross. How did you hear this?

Person One: Toti's got such hectic STS! I found out the usual way. My Aunt Sharon works at the coffee shop down the road. Well, she overheard Jade and Roxanne talking about how Jade's cousin heard Amanda's mom telling her hairdresser the whole story.
by ALS05 November 6, 2010
short for "Shirt That Shit." When you or a friend says something so commendable, you gotta put that shit on a shirt.
*text message conversation*
Friend: Could really use a burrito and beer rn

Friend: Im only friends with truest homies
by natthot2 December 1, 2014
STS or better known as stub toe syndrome is a horrible disease resulting in your toe cryng in pain every 3 seconds from being stubbed.
BITCH I GOT STS Now my toe hurt
by Phsuedo wudo February 7, 2019
"Sweet Tale Sir" a version of CSB.
Drew: Dude yesterday a squirrel gave me the dirtiest look so I threw my PB&J sandwich at it
Ryan: STS
by MAXDAVIDJAVI October 28, 2011