Friend #1: Aye lets go sts later?
Friend #2: ight, as long as we match.
by IcecoldCoolJ September 9, 2018
It is a verry common statement in dancer culture. It means sleep tha sunday. It is used because dancers often party all friday and saturday, so they have to sleep on sunday.
,,Are you going to the party tonight?''
,,Nah, ma bro, im too exhausted, im gonna STS!
by sekretbusiness May 7, 2021
STS a shorter version of "Satanas" A Filipino-American Street gang originating in southern California
Ay you hear Jason got recruited to sts
by Bruhgomp February 23, 2020
Acronym for "Sucks to suck". Simply because it does suck to suck.
1: "I just got dumped and got pink-eye from a stripper in the same night"
2: "STS"
by becchalk October 15, 2010
Shoot The Shit (v) to maintain a conversation or dialogue in a friendly or casual manner
Shawn: So what was that all about?

Kris: All kinds of stuff. That girl can sts for hours!
by RratT November 26, 2013
Supplemental Training Systems.

A top bodybuilding supplement line.
Josh Duhamel has been caught by People magazine jogging while wearing an STS shirt.
by Candycasa December 4, 2009