SPI - South Padre Island
where the food is as good as the fun
where all the shit happens
where teens can go be themselves
where girlfriends are lost and gained :P
-Dude why'd your girlfriend dump you?
-Remember that chick from SPI?
-Oh yess

-So what's going on this weekend?
-We are all drivin out to SPI to have some fucking fun!

-Dude I need a girlfriend
-Sounds like its that time of the year again, SPI!!!
by bigDuck November 5, 2010
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(Abbr. for "Shit Pushed In," var. "Shit Packed In") Any negative consequences for poor performance at work, home, etc.
(As a noun) That fuckup Mark backed the forklift into a shelving unit, and the whole damn thing crashed down. Needless to say, he's gonna get his SPI.
by FlippinKamikaze January 11, 2010
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Bob: Hey man, what's your initials?
Stephen: They're SPI!
by BlazinMinecraft December 26, 2017
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Someone with a extremely small pean
by BIGGOOGAN February 19, 2019
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sexual point intended.
polite way of stopping someone from saying something such as "that's what she said"
You need to move it up and down really fast. No SPI
by egzuma March 4, 2009
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Stands for Stupid Pikey Idiot.
"I was walking down the street and I saw a SPI wearing a burberry cap and beating up an old lady."
by Arwen February 10, 2005
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n. spies

1. A period of time (usually a year) that is taken off from college in pursuit of a lesser activity.

v. spiesing, spiesin', spiesing it, to "pull a spies"

1. To engage in a "spies" (see above)
2. To take a year off of anything to work at a local day care facility.
3. To struggle in a futile attempt to reach something that is obviously too high for you to reach.

n. spiesy

1. Used with a combination of rhyming words to notify someone to calm down.

Example: Easy spiesy, roughy, toughy, extra fluffy, <repeat>
I think I'm going to pull a spies and do nothing the year after I graduate high school"

"I think I saw somebody spiesing at the Barnes and Noble the other day."

"College is hard work, so I'm gonna be spiesin' it for the next year. I think I'm gonna babysit at the day care center."

"I saw my little brother spiesin' for the cookie jar, but it was way too high for him."

"Spiesing it? What the hell is that?" - "I don't know...one of Bri's friends."
by Captain Ed August 23, 2004
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