A person who is always in the way, always slowing down others around them. Examples: The person who writes a check at the grocery store, waiting until the cashier gives them the total before even beginning to write the check; the person doing the speed limit in the passing lane, holding up traffic and forcing everyone to pass them on the right; the person ahead of you in line at a government office who can't fill out a simple form, and takes 10 minutes for the clerk to serve instead of the normal 30 seconds.
I got stuck behind a speed bump at the grocery store yesterday. Asshole wrote a check and waited until their groceries were rung up before even starting to write the check.
by Crackhead Sam June 27, 2020
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A bump in the road that fuckers like to drive their fucking cars fast over
He drove over the speed bump as fast as he could and he got pulled over by the police.
by Spencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 12, 2017
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