A slapping of the forhead on one with a large amount of forhead, if it doesn't make the most beautiful slapping sound, it doesn't work
Haha, i spammed you be-atch
Piece of shit
by Hanly April 21, 2005
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on forums spam should only be considered to apply to blatant spammers who blatantly try to sell shit or who post the same spam links over and over like some kind of fucking spam bot or spammer-troll!! see troll

I don't like spam,meh!
by fuckshit September 29, 2005
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Alyssa's favorite word o_o
The yummiest food
Something i love to post on facebook
That is currently on my facebook wall <3
Alyssa: oot <3
by tirsaislife April 26, 2010
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1: a form of meat; deliscious when cooked in cast iron skillet
2: any kind of unwanted mail, e-mail, or message board post
3: mindless bable
D1: mmmmm.... sssspaaaaammm...
D2: This fuggin spam!!! always clogging my inbox
D3: hey travis! cut the spam and come see this!!!
by Dave November 18, 2003
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A slap administered to the centre of the forehead, pref. on the hairline with the index, middle and ring fingers from the tips to the second knuckles. The flat palm of the hand can also be used but is morely likely to provoke a fist-shaped retaliation. Action must be accompanied by the shouting of the word upon impact viz: "SPAM!!!"
Spammer approaches Spammee, and taps on shoulder. As the Spammee turns, the Spammer lunges, shouting "SPAM!" momentarily confusing and disorienting the victim, but more significantly, irritating them.
by DrTazzle (aka: Human Thesaurus) February 06, 2007
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a name for somebody who is always getting in the way.
The guy that always has to tie his shoe in the middle of a doorway, so that everybody bumps into him.
Jimmy always gets in the way, that is why i call him spam.
Spam, why did you bump into me?
Spam get the heck out of my way!

by HP football September 11, 2008
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