Someone who is typing in a group chat. This phrase is used to call someone out while they are typing a message before they send it. Most commonly used in the phrase "typer, no typing!" (an offshoot of the classic Dora the Explorer phrase, "Swiper, no swiping!")
ruby: "..."
quenby: "typer"
by pillbug science March 11, 2021
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it means to be tired and hyper at the same its called typer
i was so typer last night at the concert that i was tired and hyper.
by One Love32 May 22, 2009
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when you get hyper on the key board,
you start typing random words to people :).
Ray- Hi
Marissa- Hey.
Ray- Whats up son?
Marissa- Nothing apple grape orange.
Ray- what?
Marissa- Milk cow friend myspace pee.
Ray- Ok...
Marissa- blah lick dark place hot bird key what?
Ray- Right so are you on crack?
Marissa- No sorry i have Typerness :)
Ray- Right, soo..
by Marizzle1234 March 16, 2008
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Tired and Hyper all at once...
When one get's overly talkative and agitated, due to an extreme state of fatigue.
I just worked 18 hours, and now I can't stop talking, and I'm too typered to even go to bed!
by nottomwaits May 30, 2015
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The name of someone probably named Tyler but who’s name got misspelled so now it’s typer. Typers like 3 things. Men, guys, and boys. Bonus if their name is zmill. If you ever encounter a typer, ask him if he’s ever dropped a men’s league pass. If you want to make him foam at the mouth, tell him he dropped some. Typers also have no idea how to spell and love BBC.
Zmill: Typer, I’m going to beat u in fantasy
Typer: Zmill you like Mia klause?
Zmill: actually guard me and don’t hide in zone coverage
Typer: cookie Zmill?
by Jack Hacker November 11, 2020
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