Stank Pussy. This is used when a girl has a smelly twat and apparently does not wash it.
When Tommy fingered this nasty bitch named Christina and afterwards, he stretched. His hand came about a foot away from his face and he could smell an aweful stench that came from her S.P.
by Phoebe06 June 11, 2006
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SP stands for Southern Pines, the supreme neighborhood in North Carolina. They hate JH, Jackson Hamlett, because they are the little bitches they are. If you wanna see some real niggas come to SP.
Damn them JH niggas got fucked up by them SP boyz
by SP February 23, 2005
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In terms of Ragnarok Online:
Spirit Points

Also known as Survival Project
Knight: I can't do Bowling Bash anymore, no SP.
Mage: LoL sUx0r, 2 b@d u dUn haf SP regen. LoLz0r nub.
by infiniti X April 25, 2004
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