the aberviation of "small penis"
also a method of recording on a video camera
"john has an SP Itty Bitty"
by HPB April 05, 2003
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SP aka sh*t pill has evolved through many generations of students at a particular private boys school.
Generally it refers to someone who has an outwardly bad haircut, thus pill referring to head or hair. the term is used in a derogatory sense; whereby it works to belittle the person who has to bear the unfortunate reality of having a bad haircut
Usually, the term is said at the beginning of the day when the student first enters school and or is used the first day(s) back from term holidays etc where they have been made to get their 'pill' chopped.
Bad haircuts, sh*t pills, or simply SP's can include such styles as short at the back and long at the front, attemped mullets, and 'muzztek' cuts on people who are in fact, not ethnic. Also, crew cuts on people who usually do not have such cuts are branded Sp's
People who encompass Sp's are put down for days, even weeks on end up until their haircut is restored to a NP, or normal pill. Girls usually stay right away from boys with sp's and rightly so.
usually go by the name 'pat' and or other variations
HAHAHAHAHAHAH man that guy has a SP

shattered mate, you got an SP

How could u pay for such an SP

You paid 75 bucks for that?! what an SP!
by marty13 October 27, 2006
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adj. to be slow, stupid, socially inclined, to have ADD, randomness disease

n. to be a stupid, slow, wrongly-functioning person.

v. to do something stupid, slow, blonde, socially inclined such as throwing up in class.
it can be used as a verb:
"stop sp-ing all over the place!"
or as a adjective:
"that was such an sp thing to do, you bick."
or as a noun:
"sp puked in miss bibby's class yesterday."
by colly and giulia November 11, 2005
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You SP's are always bad mouthing conservative's and people of faith and anyone else that disagrees with your liberal views.
by Gil Irwin May 04, 2007
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ā€œstop playinā€
guy #1: dude i fucked jess yesterday
guy #2: bro sp nobody can get in her pants
guy #1: iā€™m serious, ask her!
by John Januschka April 12, 2020
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Short for Syed Predictions. A quality possessed by people of noble heritage; in particular people descended from the prophet Muhammad.
Bro I told you Larry is a hoe, I got SP trust me.
by bRbasha October 29, 2020
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