Spirit of the age - Zeit is German for time - Geist is German for Spirit.
For example the Zeitgeist in the 70s was love everyone (man). 50s post war euphoria... etc
by dtr3197 August 25, 2006
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The 1960s were a tumultuous time, as defined by the 1960s' "Zeitgeist"
by Owen Munee January 30, 2004
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Something that is exceptionally great.
"that is totally Zeitgeist"
by janeCitizen May 23, 2008
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A character from the Marvel Comics with the mutant power to spew acidic projectile vommit onto his foes. Since his fade into obscurit, he has made one cinematic appearance in the 2018 film Deadpool 2 where he was portrayed by the actor Bill Skarsgard.
Guy: Remember Zeitgeist?
Second Guy: No.
Guy: Lol same.
by Lil Holland July 23, 2018
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(Verb) to show one the movie "zeitgeist" and/or "zeitgeist: Addendum" and to then have them become a member of the zeitgeist movement and follow the beliefs of Peter Joseph
my friend was all like, "america has the best economy ever'', but then I zeitgeisted him and he was like, "venus project all the way man!"
by eeeeman November 04, 2008
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Caught by the spirit of the times (from the German term Zeitgeist). The typical experience of being zeitgeisted is the realization or epiphany that some personal characteristic, predilection, or experience believed to be special to you is in fact common out there in the Zeitgeist. You believed it to be uniquely yours, but in fact you were probably interested in it for the same reasons that dozens or thousands of others are as well. Your pursuit of originality was futile! Now you have just been reminded of that fact.
“A week after he launched his new website on (some obscure subject), G. was zeitgeisted by Wired Magazine publishing a feature on the exact same subject.”
by Dr. Cheeseburger February 06, 2009
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