Suspiciously Large Woman; refers to a woman, usually a drag queen, that is large enough to be a man
Bob the Drag Queen is an SLW. From afar, she's passing, but as you get closer and closer, you can see she's not a 'real' woman.
by cowboynat March 01, 2021
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Sounds Like Work; The thought of doing an activity in which the person immediately disregards for the thought required energy to put into action.
by Yostix January 17, 2012
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Bob: I saw this guy in a hybrid car today... and that's cool. I'm all for ending dependency on foreign oil and all... but he got too distracted whilst eating his tofu burrito and he hit an old lady. That old lady was my grandma.

Joe: That damn commie. That makes me want to go Smash Left Wing Scum (SLWS) and put some more carbon, a naturally occurring gas that plants breath, into the atmosphere.
by Garry Boldwater January 11, 2010
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A very special type of physicist. Tends to maximise the action, when possible. Prone to singing very loudly. One of the lads.
Check out that slw. Is she trying to sing "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"?
by slw_s_are_awesome November 25, 2011
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oh man, we have so much in-common! she even likes SLW’s and terminator 2: judgement day!
by landokitty May 08, 2020
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some1 ppl F*ck randomly on the street
otherwise known as a wammy
ussually cute
by urmomrocksmysocksoff February 03, 2008
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