A word describing a great hit of some kind. Can be used in almost any circumstance. Exclamation point always necessary.
Jeremiah: *punches Todd in the face

Todd: ..

Jeremiah: "Wammie!"
by mitchietorrez August 07, 2017
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A parent, or group of parents who want to control the direction of a youth sports team but not volunteer their time.
Did you hear that parent complaining at the game? What a Wammie!!
by D. E. Sanchez November 29, 2014
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To hit or strike an object and as you zet object you yell WAMMIE!
me: kicks a soccer ball
also me: WAMMIE
by ANYNONYMOUS[908] April 22, 2020
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Can be used as a replacement for Yes, are or is.
Man: Isn't your dad dead?

Man 2: Wammy, unfortunately.
by Garshy October 02, 2019
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