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1 x bucket
1 x cone piece
1 x bottle (preferably a 2L cordial or 2L soda bottle)
Copious amounts of marijuana
1 x lighter

Cut a hole in the lid to fit the cone piece, pack the cone piece with marijuana, set aside.

Fill bucket with water. Cut bottom of bottle out. Submerge bottle in water. Screw lid back on. Light the pot and slowly move the bottle in an upward direction. This will pull the cone. Once the cone is pulled and the smoke is in the bottle, carefully take the lid off and ensure to not let too much smoke out of the top of the bottle. Put mouth around bottle top and push down. The smoke will then be forced into your lungs.
After her bucket bong, she nearly coughed up a lung!!
by Chiggy January 11, 2005
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Also known as depth charges and gravity-bong.
This is a device that uses gravity and air pressure to draw the smoke into a large chamber and then expel it quickly into the lungs.
This gives much larger hits than most implements, and it is possible to get quite stoned, very quickly with a relatively small amount of weed.
Cut the bottom off a 2 litre plastic drink bottle, then drill a hole in the cap, placing a cone into it.
Fill a bucket with water, lower the open-ended bottle into the water. Light the weed in the cone as you lift the bottle. Smoke is collected in the bottle as you lift the container.
Then remove the cap and place your lips around the neck of the bottle.
As you lower the bottle the smoke is forced into your lungs.
Cool and in large volume the smoke will realy get you wasted.
Man, we bucket bonged that shit and were we wasted!
by stonefish January 09, 2004
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1 - 2L plastic pop bottle
1 - smaller pop bottle
1 - piece of tin foil
1 - knife
1 - needle
1 - lighter
2 - litre of water
? - tape
1 - lighter
? - weed

1. Cut the skinny part of the large pop bottle off. (Cut right where it starts to go from really big to really small).
2. Fill the bottle with water (as full as you can without having it spill).
3. In the lid of the smaller pop bottle, make a hole about the size of a penny carefully with the knife.
4. Place the tin foil in the hole and make a small indent into it (to hold the weed in).
5. Tape the tin foil at the sides (try not to get any tin foil or tape on inside of the lid or it wont screw on the bottle well), and make several tiny wholes in the tin foil with the needle.
6. In the small pop bottle, there should be 5 'thingies' at the bottom. Cut fairly small holes in 3-5 of them. Then place the small bottle inside the large bottle.
7. Once the smaller bottle has been submerged in the water, put your weed in the lide and screw the lid on.
8. At the same time as you light the weed, lift the smaller bottle out of the water slowly. The water pressure will fill the bottle with all the smoke.
9. Once the bottle is completely filled with smoke and there is no water left, them put your mouth around the top, dip the bottom back in the water, and then lift it back out and inhale at the same time.
10. If this is your first time, or you don't smoke a lot, you may green out (throw up) several times. But it's worth it. You will get completely f***ed without using as much weed as a joint, and you will get like 10 times higher with this as you would with a joint. You only need like 2-3 hits to get really stoned, but do as many as you like. :)

Legal Disclaimer: The above was intended for educational purposes only. I do not encourage the use of marijuana or other illegal drugs (except in countries/regions where it is 100% legal).
Let's go use my bucket bong, it'll get us more f***ed than those spliffs.
by Adam George March 21, 2008
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