SH is an abbreviation for self harm. Self harm is when someone deliberately hurts themselves. The most common form of self harm is cutting, when someone tears skin and draws blood with a sharp object
Chad: “Bro, I hooked up with Jenny last night and she had SH scars on her stomach and wrists.

Nico: “Man, I wish she would stop.”
by SaSiJanusKinnie October 12, 2020
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Self Harm or Self Harming

when a person injures themself on purpose
I am worried. Jane is SH again
by Athedia August 11, 2009
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"So high". The abbreviation is useful when one is in public places and wants to tell their friends about their level of intoxication, but would prefer if strangers and/or authority figures did not know. Extra S's before the H indicate that one is higher than usual.
"Hey Ariel, your eyes are kind of bloodshot"
"I'm SH".

"Let's get SH and watch Across the Universe. Good party!"
by Cat Baker May 4, 2009
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Girl: my computer broke
Girl #2: use ur phone
Girl: I cant because Facebook always freezes
Girl #2: Well, SH I guess...
by MiddleSchoolGyrl May 5, 2013
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"Woah look at that"
by SamwiseH December 2, 2018
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i'm shs.
by Arnold22 August 11, 2011
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