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Meaning "so drunk", SD is used when one is incapable of forming actual words due to their severe level of intoxication. It is also perfect for college dorm white boards, when you want your friends to know how drunk you are but would prefer if your RA did not.
"Hey, are you okay?"
"(slurred) SD!"

"I was so SD Friday night after the Mexican restaurant that I sullied my pants"
by Cat Baker May 4, 2009
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"So high". The abbreviation is useful when one is in public places and wants to tell their friends about their level of intoxication, but would prefer if strangers and/or authority figures did not know. Extra S's before the H indicate that one is higher than usual.
"Hey Ariel, your eyes are kind of bloodshot"
"I'm SH".

"Let's get SH and watch Across the Universe. Good party!"
by Cat Baker May 4, 2009
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"Potential Alc(ohol) Connection". Someone who can provide alcohol for another person who can not buy alc for themselves (most likely because they are under 21 years of age).
"I'm really only befriending her because her brother is 21 and, therefore, is a PAC"
"Hopefully he'll supply alc for any GP 's in the future"

"He got his fake ID taken away last week. Ugh we lost our best PAC. The pics will suffer"
by Cat Baker July 22, 2009
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"Potential Hook Up". Used in reference to a person who may be interested in hooking up with you or someone you know. There is much uncertainty when it comes to deciding whether someone may be a PHU, but clues include: level of flirting between the two, phone/text conversations and interest shown through facebook activity such as wall posts or excessive commenting on one's pics. PHU's may also be a more short-term and random occurrence, stemming from consumption of intoxicants at social events.
"I've been texting him all week and he 'liked' at least 5 of my profile pics. What do you think?"
"I think he's a PHU. Good luck."

"We're going to leave the party now"
"Okay, you guys go. Based on Pat and I's interaction as pong partners, I think he's a PHU."
"If that PHU were to happen, it would be so GFC"
"Yeah I know, he's such a GC"
by Cat Baker July 22, 2009
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A GP ("Good Party") is one that is characterized by an abundance of alcohol and attractive or interesting characters. There should be an equal number of males and females at said good party. In terms of alcohol, a wide variety of spirits and/or beer creates the impression that one is extremely cool and a connoisseur of liqueurs. PIctures should be taken at a GP with many people and large amounts of Solo Cups. Competitive beer pong, kegs, home bars, and dancing are a few examples of things that can be found at a GP. A GP must also be GFP (good for pics).
"Hey Matthew, the frat house is throwing a party tomorrow night. I hear they're getting a keg. GP!!!!"

"This techno music is bumpin'. What a GP"

"I'm so hungover from the GP last night, I think my liver might fail."
by Cat Baker January 22, 2009
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Abbreviation for "for the chart". It refers to a hook up that occurred between 2+ people for the sole purpose of making a connection on one's hook up chart. A hook up chart is a web connecting all the people one knows that have hooked up with each other. Attractive people or hilarious characters would be good for the chart (GFC), and the ugly and unpopular would be bad for the chart (BFC). The goal of doing things FTC is to out-whore one's friends and try in vain to boost one's self-esteem.
"Why did you hook up with him? He's in his 40s, you met him from the internet, and he may have a disease"
"Eh, I did it FTC"

"I made so many connections FTC last night that my pen ran out of ink from updating my personal chart."

"I had a three-way kiss with my gay best friend and a sexually ambiguous Latino FTC"
by Cat Baker July 8, 2009
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Meaning "for the pics", the term is used as a justification for doing something solely for the purpose of taking pictures (pics) of it and uploading them to Facebook. Extra alcohol, red cups, and good characters can be added to any party FTP.
"Let's make a beeramid out of our empty Keystone Light cans FTP"

"I invited Maxwell to the party FTP."
"You can't deny the fact that he enhances the quality of the pics".
by Cat Baker May 4, 2009
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