-Second Date Syndrome

1. Having already met a girl or guy the day before (often at night) and you two were just so into each other, the second time you meet and for some reason they don't look as attractive or seem as interesting as they did before.

2. When meeting a particular person you had a hell of a lot of chemisty with at a previous time and for some reason it just isn't there anymore the second time you meet.
Josh: Man, I'll tell ya I was really feelin' this girl last night when we met at the park, but for some reason she just ain't as fun and sexy as she was before...

Jerry: Ha ha. Sounds like ya had a case of SDS. Sucks for you...
by Domah Da Duce September 25, 2006
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Short for Some Dumb Skank. A name/label given to a female who is undeserving to be called by their real name.
I'm so glad I finally broke up with SDS.
by Shaun Poteracki October 23, 2006
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Sudden Death Syndrome. When someone dies abruptly.
By bringing into question the gangsters ancestry, mating habits and sexual orientation, Joe knew he was a prime candidate for SDS.
by logan9a July 24, 2011
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Small dick syndrome. Men with small penis are often diagnosed with SDS.
"Your penis is under 3" I am going to diagnose you with SDS", said the doctor.
by Kluxe March 07, 2013
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An acronym that stands for Same Day Studying. In reference to high school and college students who wait to study until his or her other classes on the day of the test.
"John what're you doing?"
"Oh just a little SDS."
by Tyler Maloney November 13, 2007
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Shitty Dick Syndrome.

1. After cumming during anal sex, you pull out just to get a shitty surprise all over your dick.
Guy 1: Bro I was fucking this chick in the ass and when I pulled out it was just gruesome! There was shit everywhere!!
Guy 2: Awww this dude got SDS
Guy 1: What's SDS?
Guy 2: Shitty dick syndrome!!
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