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Guitar Legend. Neo-Classical Metal guitarist from Sweden.
If a posseur got within 1.5 kilometres of Yngwie Malmsteen while he was playing his mighty axe, they'd catch alite and die.
by Fryhtanic September 29, 2003

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Brilliant 1989 release from German Thrash Metal Legends Sodom.
Agent Orange
Agent Orange
Agent Orange
A fire that doesn't burn
by Fryhtanic March 05, 2004

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Sore Dick Syndrome. To have a sore dick.
I went out and got hammered last night and woke up naked on the floor with SDS.
by Fryhtanic April 09, 2004

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1. Female masturbation. ie. with her fingers or a sex toy (such as dildo, vibrator)

2. Sexual intercourse.
Peita: I'd rather have a stab then go to bed.
by Fryhtanic August 09, 2004

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