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To fuck a chick and have your dick smell like pussy afterwards
Mike Beaver-Aye son where you at?
Bender Over- Im at cathys house now. Im bout to get that stank dick. Ill hit ya up later
by PseudoNympho12yrold January 05, 2015
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When a guy has a very very unpleasant dick smell. When you can smell his penis through his underwear and pants when your at his chest. Its like he’s never washed his genitals ever.
That man had a stank dick.

You know Ben? My ex? Yeah he had a super gross stank dick.

His stank dick made me want to throw up.
by Max._.Scott July 12, 2019
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Terminology used to describe a male's strong unpleasant Oder from the genitals
Damn son you got that Stank Dick !! Clean your shit up
by BMoney ya tu sabe March 19, 2017
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