Shitty Dick Syndrome.

1. After cumming during anal sex, you pull out just to get a shitty surprise all over your dick.
Guy 1: Bro I was fucking this chick in the ass and when I pulled out it was just gruesome! There was shit everywhere!!
Guy 2: Awww this dude got SDS
Guy 1: What's SDS?
Guy 2: Shitty dick syndrome!!
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SDS = Storm Deprivation Syndrome.

A condition often afflicting a seasoned storm chaser who have become accustom to routine sightings of severe weather and then deprived of it for a period exceeding expectation. It often results in irritability, non-rational thoughts, and teenage like drama. It is most often found with tornado chasers but can be found in hurricane chasers and snow weenies. It is mostly found in the off seasons of the weather event, but also can be prolonged for years if said chaser is not actively chasing season after season.

Posting online, in forums, facebook, etc. is known to inflame the situation.

The only known cures are to resume chase storms or getting laid.
“That closed low on the GFS is looking sweet.”
“Chill dude, you got SDS if you think the GFS at 240 hours out is reliable”

“Stuck at the office looking at the streaming video is giving me severe SDS”.
by WeatherWarrior October 03, 2013
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Spontaneous Downs Syndrome. The act of spontaneously acquiring the known disorder: Downs Syndrome!
Dude, Steve is being a total retard!" "He must have SDS!
by BikeMill March 18, 2011
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I went out and got hammered last night and woke up naked on the floor with SDS.
by Fryhtanic April 09, 2004
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Acronym for Same Dick Syndrome

A condition where one is tired of having sex with the same man. The only known cure is to replace and repeat
Damn that girl is all over those guys isn't she married. She must be suffering from SDS.
by krakorjak February 01, 2011
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"Im gonna be so SDS this weekend"

When your boyfriend cheats on you, you should become SDS
by Original SDS January 02, 2011
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The "clan" or group of friends formed originally in the Starcraft channel "aoe" but changed the name to SDS because it got too crowded, then created many Yahoo! Groups.

The shortening of "shutupdangit" to the initials of SD and the shortening of "Dargoon_Slayer" to the initials of DS. The two put together make the initials of SDDS, or SDS when shortened.
SDS Rulez!
Join SDS today
I am a member of SDS
by shutupdangit August 13, 2003
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