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S.C.U.F. is an acronym For Spontaneous Catastrophic Unit Failure.
SCUF is a term that describes erictile disfunction in the moment of passion...

Right when she wants it the most it fails him. similar to coke dick, or whiskey dick but with far broader situational applications.

Some of the most common forms of SCUFing are as follows:
1. Drug induced SCUFing or D.I.S. (includes coke, whiskey, etc.) is when do to biochemical reaction the cock won't swell to usable capacity.

2. Precarious mind SCUF or P.M.S. This is a guy who is overwhelmed by insecurities. he is affraid to preform, feels inadequate, he's a Simp and can never have sex like a man.

3. Female induced PMS: this is when a woman causes insecurity so intense that dudes package just hides. ( of course he is always partly at fault cause my dick for example don't give a fuck what she says, it just likes to hear her cum voice...
1. Over zealous guy partying too hard, does to much coke and when the girl he's chasing rips off his pants in need of some dick his unit is totally useless... He Scufed
2. some guy at a bar who has been spanking his own meat spicket for so long he doesn't feel he can really fuck, or he's been married for ten years and forgot how to perform on the fly, or for any other reason he's caught up so bad in his head that his unit fails. straight SCUF
3. A Chick takes a guy home (who is psuedo-insecure already) and makes fun him, or his dick, talks shit to him during sex, or in any other way makes him feel inadequate. then SCUF ruins the night for all...
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