To have the style of something. To behave in a particular way, that is, in the way of he or she whom first had the Style.
A. "Hey that dude just got owned."
B. "Lol yer. Ken stylez"
A. "Lol yer."
B. "Lol"
by Putters November 07, 2005
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hardest core mother fucker in the eastern long island area
hey was that amo stylez?" yeah don't look directly at him or you'll melt.
by Amo$tylez October 31, 2010
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The first album by the Memphis based rap group Three 6 Maifa Many references to Satan are on this album. Considred to be much darker than their later albums
I like the songs "Live By Yo Rep" and "Porno Movie" from Mystic Stylez
by MidasTouch June 13, 2007
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XS Stylez - Related to UnseenXS. To have the XS Stylez means you are da madness and very x2Ds.
The hoe down the corner had the XS Stylez going ;)
by UnseenXS December 16, 2004
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One of the sexiest styles in the world consisting of mixing up the style of skater,prep,and urban.
did you see that kid Jayr man that is the orginal J. StyleZ
by SexY April 21, 2005
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A fierce leader, to take charge and dare to be different. A new age power. A driving force.Positive vibes.
The sun was so strong today it beamed DJ Stacy Stylez. When I walked into the room it was loaded with DJ Stacy Stylez energy and the place went wild.
by Queenbee123 August 30, 2008
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Filipino producer,rap artist in Cebu,Philippines. Known for his ill music & live performances clubs,etc. The one who founded the rap group "Disciples of UBEC", a local rap group in Cebu. Until now he is still performing in some local concerts in Cebu.
Who is he? His Rob Stylez,a rap artist.
by aspinwall March 29, 2011
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