A private college in St. Paul Minnesota where prude, spoon fed cunts prance the campus in their Manhattan inspired attire. These girls may once have been likable in their high school years but this will more than likely change when attending this institution, especially by "infedels" who are not priveledged enough to attend UST.
Man that girl was a fucking bitch!" "Go figure. She goes to St. Thomas.
by Jojo Janetta March 29, 2011
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The stream of ejaculatory fluid seeping from woman to woman to woman which eventually leads back a few dudes at Carlson Business College
"We'll get you an InTeRnShIp & JeOB while at sT tHoMas! All through the St Thomas Network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all you have to do is pay 40k$ and read about SJW and business EThIcS! We haAve GReaT, SaLieNt MaJorS!"

"I guess I better bring my rain boots....sigh..."
by BasedDe September 17, 2020
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Saint Thomas Aquinas is a school full of popular kids and nerve, this school is dominated with blacks and aisans and some whites
People lose their virginity by year 9 and mujority get head in year 8 the year 10 sell sweets and pick on year 7,there are a ton of fights and relationships and a small percentage of girls are bisexual the year 7 going to year 8 in September 2019 have lots of fights and make fight pages on ig all the popular kids get girls and nerds get bullied and the girls are all sense time with deeper voices than most boys,this school has people looking like Roadmen with there blacked out outfits and boys finger girls underneath staircases,the food is inconsistent mostly bad but education wise is amazing,their detention rules go a Lil like this
C1-30 MIND


Mr Martin is making the shool better but students are not enjoying it,they care more about your clothing than they do about yourself the girls always lips boys and you tend to see "as grabbing" alot year 10 go out of lessons to masterbate about their girls grabbing there crotch,the year 11 are always safe and mature but have fights they only worry about their exams and their siblings,some year 10s make a girl lose their virginity and say it was rubbish any way as you can see theirs a lot of sexual stuff and boys in year 7 only worry about if a girl is flat or not and if they're on report
Guy-wagwan g just tapped my tings back and she might gimme head and maths was dead still
Guy2-same blood I had Mrs ...... and she gave me a c1 for answering back

Guy-don't think your bad cause im on report and I got a C2 cut that sick head teacher sent me out

Guy2-oi shut up blud you and your long backbuk*punches him in his face*
*SLT using radio*-WE NEED BACKUP that is St Thomas aquinas
by ANONYAMOM August 25, 2019
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St. Thomas More is a private catholic school in which shit goes down. STM is full of guys who play COD as their friends make out with slutty girls who circuitously date the same guys. When the guy or girl gets tired of dating their counterpart, they break up abruptly with temporary mutual hatred toward one another. The cycle continues as the girls become sluttier and the guys increasingly desperate. Throughout the mayhem of private education, the students of STM always remain true to their catholic-christian values!

Guy Student #1: WOW! making out with Emily last night on my bro's couch was awesome!

Bro: Dude I thought was dating her! Oh well, I got a tactical nuke while you guys were goin' at it.

Guy Student #2: Hey I got dibs for next week when you guys break up.

Emily: I don't really care who it is. Get me a man!

Public School Student: Man, St. Thomas More is the shit!
by STM-USC August 27, 2011
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St Thomas, Ontario is a city in southwestern Ontario (in Elgin County) and an urban division of London Ontario. Population is just over 35 000 (technically considered rural) and 95.5% of the population is white. The current mayor is Cliff Barwick. He runs St Thomas, Ontario.
St Thomas is known for: Rachel McAdams (attended Central Elgin Collegiate Institute (go TITANS)), Joe Thornton, Helen Shaver and Aaron Wapole.
St Thomas is also very well known for being the Railway Capital of Canada and for the fact that Jumbo the elephant was murdered here.
Other factors we are proud of:
-we have the higest teen pregnancy rate in Canada
-Drugs sales is our second largest industry (next to factory work)
-we have the psych hospital on the outskirts of town
-fights in our wonderful bars such as Legends
-the ineffectiveness of the Police Force:
Only 38% of people who commit murder in St Thomas are ever convicted, the motto? "Well the perp's not here so we dont know who did it."
Case in point: The Shedden Murders- 7 people murdered by Biker Gang
-The Wellington Road murder where each member of a family was shot at gunpoint by a Shotgun and then the bodies were burned, as was the house. Case never solved.
St Thomas is easily the roughest city in all of Canada and if you weren't born here or haven't lived here for a long time then don't come here, you can't handle it.
And if you are ever caught out on Talbot street alone at night...well bitch you'd better be carrying protection cause you will get fucked up.
People from St Thomas are noteably hardass, dangerous and crazy muthers and if you know anyone from here you had best be on thier goodside, cause they will fuck you up. Notable people to watch out for:
Any of the Elders, Jeremy Porter, Dave Hatch, Cassidy North, Dubbie Berryt, Kaelyn Barnes, Dirty Gertie, Jeff Wilkins, and virtually anyone from Parkside.
John: Yo that bitch is from St Thomas, Ontario, you better watch your back 'cause she will fuck you up, burry you in her backyard and get away with it.
by P.Dubby December 16, 2006
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The streams of cum leading from woman to woman to woman but eventually leading back to a couple dudes at Carlson
Admissions Pimp: "St Thomas has the St Thomas Network! We allbutguaranteeunderlegalcontracture that we WILL get you a high-finance jobs right out of college!!"

Savvy students: "St Thomas Network? Guess I better bring my umbrellas...sighhhhh..."

EDIT: @urban dictionary staffers, you will not get this unless you WENT to st thomas, a respectable but academically nincompoop school in southern Minnesota. You will not have heard ALL ABOUT THE "St Thomas Network" so you will not understand why their promises of good jobs out of college are completely false. I am not sullying a Catholic institution for its Catholicism--I am a seminarian at a different school in fact--I am drawing under-given attention to a serious lie St Thomas peddles to admitted and high school students about career prospects out of college. I am in line with the college revelution, wherein we can totally see 80% of our college tuition was frittered away on defining basic marketing vocabulary. I encourage you to seriously think again; DO NOT delete this post as it echoes the academic agony of thousands of st Thomas graduates who were told fame and fortune awaited them outside St Thomas' borders but wound up stocking shelves intead.
by AnonemousMarmot September 28, 2020
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school full of rich kids that live off they daddy’s money. girls are hot or ugly no in between, girls are a lot hoes and fuck with every guy they can get with there hot ass tits. guys are fuckboys and have sex with a girl then never talk to her again. NEVER TALK TO SOMEONE FROM THIS SCHOOL, they will fuck you over but you will get clout for it
guy- “She’s so hot and her tits fuckkk
guy 2- “she must go to st thomas aquinas with those tits”
guy- “ahh st tomas aquinas”
by sta thot March 21, 2019
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