Solid Axle Swap or Straight Axle Swap. Swapping your IFS (independent front suspension) for an older style solid axle. Solid axles are much stronger than IFS and much easier and cheaper to lift.
Man, I can wheel my truck so much harder now that I did an SAS.
by CJW April 14, 2008
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Sweaty Ass Syndrome. When you have been running or working out extensively and your ass gets sweaty and causes it to itch.
After playing basketball for an hour, I had a bad case of S.A.S.
by Chris Polites February 10, 2006
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SAS Commonly known as Stank Ass Syndrome

Its when a dirty individual usually male. takes a dump and wipes incorrectly or leaves dingle berries in his ass. he then participates in some strenuous activity which causes sweat to mix with the pooped dingle berries. this producing a distinctive odor. may be used as a verb (Sassed)

usually occurs when you mix dingle berries with swamp but.
Man jose has a bad case of SAS. he sat in my dads chair and Sassed it up.
by deeguy September 19, 2011
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Sunday afternoon syndrome.

that miserable feeling you get when you realise you have to go to school/work the next day
urgh ive got sas so badly today. i cant believe how quickly the weekend went by!
by Hannah2105 March 10, 2008
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Squishy Ass Syndrome

You know, that gross feeling you get when you don't wipe good enough.
Girl: Why are you walking so funny?

Boy(just leaving bathroom): I have SAS, leave me alone.
by dirkkirk March 27, 2009
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