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A story. Basically an alternative to the truth when the truth does not support someone's political outlook. Rather than altering one's political orientation in response to a conflicting reality, reality is simply denied in favor of the story.
All federal, state and local investigations of Michael Brown's death concluded that the shooting was justified. The narrative says otherwise. I'm going with that!
by PBSPinchback July 31, 2016
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Sometimes I think that the whole reason I met him was to discover that his wife was studying Counseling Psychology, if indeed that is the name of something a person might actually learn, with the great-grand-niece of Frida Kahlo. In the narrative of desire, perhaps what matters is not intimacy but it's counterpart: a new thought. In this sense, the lover is a necessary force, but rarely it's limit. I said: "Maybe this is the reason we met." Thinking of the yellow table, the third eye, the monkey in her arms. Dominant. I begged for an introduction, forgetting for a moment who I was. To him. For her. A cunt. Do cunts get to meet Frida Kahlo? In the flesh? Greeley, Colorado is where the slaughterhouses are. I'd like to visit that university town.
by Bhanu: A Failed Novelist January 26, 2008
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