SALTS - Smiled A Little Then Stopped
friend: *sends dead meme*
their uncultured ass: ???
by bothofoikawasballsacks June 9, 2020
Coined by comedian De Ray Davis meaning Smiled A Little Then Stopped. The modern man's answer to LOL or LMAO
(Text message)
You: My mom just fell out of the chair.
by Skii1234 July 31, 2011

People have recently used this because no one really Laughs out loud or lmaoo they SMILE A LITTLE THEN STOP
Yo mom so fat she eats wheat thicks.... SALTS :)
by Pinkbarbie39 August 1, 2011
When someone says something funny, we say LOL which stands for Laugh out Loud. However, we are not really laughing, we smile a little then we stop, right? So SALTS = smile a little, then stop
Hey remember that time something really funny happened?

It wasn't that funny, i just salts
by anacondarawr November 1, 2017
Acronym for Smiled A Little Then Stopped coined by DeRay Davis
I read your twitter joke.... SALTS... Smiled a little then stopped.
by seventy6er July 28, 2011
Smiled a little, then stopped.
Wendy salts at the inside joke her mother told her.
by Gordos December 9, 2012
SALTS is used when something isn’t funny enough to “laugh out loud” but it was funny enough to smile a little. SALTS = Smiled A Little Then Stopped. SALTS is almost always used in texting.
Bob “*kind of funny joke*”

Cheryl “SALTS”
by Aye Yuh Chicken Nugget August 19, 2020