SALTS - Smiled A Little Then Stopped
friend: *sends dead meme*
their uncultured ass: ???
by bothofoikawasballsacks June 9, 2020
Coined by comedian De Ray Davis meaning Smiled A Little Then Stopped. The modern man's answer to LOL or LMAO
(Text message)
You: My mom just fell out of the chair.
by Skii1234 July 31, 2011

People have recently used this because no one really Laughs out loud or lmaoo they SMILE A LITTLE THEN STOP
Yo mom so fat she eats wheat thicks.... SALTS :)
by Pinkbarbie39 August 1, 2011
Acronym for Smiled A Little Then Stopped coined by DeRay Davis
I read your twitter joke.... SALTS... Smiled a little then stopped.
by seventy6er July 28, 2011
When someone says something funny, we say LOL which stands for Laugh out Loud. However, we are not really laughing, we smile a little then we stop, right? So SALTS = smile a little, then stop
Hey remember that time something really funny happened?

It wasn't that funny, i just salts
by anacondarawr November 1, 2017
Smiled a little, then stopped.
Wendy salts at the inside joke her mother told her.
by Gordos December 9, 2012
Smile A Little Then Stop

An alternative to 'LOL' unless you are Laughing Out Loud
"tells a joke"
by Alison Poon December 15, 2011