1: adj. - to describe something unfortunate or unfavorable happening, or one's angered mood.

2: verb - to do something which causes an unfortunate or unfavorable situation.

3: inter. - to express distaste or unhappiness about a situation.

note: the international symbol of salt is brushing off one's leg with the back of their hand as if one is dealing with salt being spilled upon them. also, for additional effect, one may hiss like a snake (see: salt snake).
1: "did you hear the flyers lost?"
"yeah, i was pretty SALT about it, but then i remembered that those bums always lose."

2: "robert esche is doing his swiss cheese impression again this season."
"yeah, he really knows how to SALT everything up."

3: "someone finished off the last of the pizza."
"SALT, now what am i going to eat for breakfast tomorrow?"
by sweet d's October 06, 2006
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When someone says something funny, we say LOL which stands for Laugh out Loud. However, we are not really laughing, we smile a little then we stop, right? So SALTS = smile a little, then stop
Hey remember that time something really funny happened?

It wasn't that funny, i just salts
by anacondarawr November 01, 2017
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n.: A sailor, one who is currently employed in the U.S. Navy.
adj.: Pertaining to sailor-style.
n.: That salt has seen too many ports.
adj.: He loves the salt life.
by MamaBurd February 11, 2012
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Smiled a little, then stopped.
Wendy salts at the inside joke her mother told her.
by Gordos December 09, 2012
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S.A.L.T.-usually used as a noun but sometimes an adjective-Sexy Adult Lady There. This phrase usually followed by a number to tell everyone what direction the woman is in. The number is the time on a clock which is used to give direction to the person or persons you are alerting.
Me-"S.A.L.T. 6"
Chad-"Oh damn that lady behind me is wicked hot"

Chad-"There must be some S.A.L.T. in the water"
Peter-"Yeah man all the girls here are smokin'."
by Mr. Badoian June 06, 2010
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SALTS - Smiled A Little Then Stopped
friend: *sends dead meme*
their uncultured ass: ???
by bothofoikawasballsacks June 09, 2020
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