Hope and Kean were SAF when they got ditched!

Feeling pretty SAF when i missed the game winning shot.
by mzilllllaaaaxo December 22, 2010
straight across face
a blank expression
like on the msn emoticon


"I had a saf"
"He knocked my drink over and i was like SAF"
"This meal equates to saf."
by gembomb May 24, 2009
1. Paul and Sebastian are SAF!

2. Eddie is a SAF
by downassfoo October 11, 2010
Severe Attack of the Farts.

When a person has really bad gas and they fart a LOT for a long period of time (more than an hour)

Also can use ‘VSAF’: VERY Severe Attack of the Farts for when the farts are obnoxiously loud, long or smelly.
“sorry guys”

*farts again*
“sorry,, me again”

*farts for the third time in under a minute*
“i’m so sorry everyone. i’ve got SAF”
by nymphadora22 October 9, 2021
Sick As Fuck. Not used after the word "so", otherwise you would be saying "that is so sick as fuck." Pronounced "saf", not "safe".
Dude, that party was SAF.

That guacamole was SAF.

Your mom is SAF.
by theguywhowrotethisiscool July 4, 2011